Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Give your home that wow effect and increase its security at night

Enhance Your Home’s Landscape With The Magic Of Light

Lights are magical. They welcome you home and they guide you. They brighten up our lives. A home landscape in which you put so much effort and money deserves to be showcased night and day.

Imagine your favorite plants lit up at night. A tree in the autumn evening, shedding its red leaves in front of your house. Or your pool all lit up with ambient lights. Don’t you think they would be a wonder to look at?

Landscape lights allow you to soak in the beauty of your landscape regardless of the time of day. They also add safety to your house, making walking around effortless and safe. On top of it all, it increases your home’s value and its security, keeping intruders out.

Landscape Lighting Is An Art In Itself

There are downlights, uplights, path lights, automatic lights, and more. Knowing where every light should go to create that magical effect takes years of experience. It also requires lots of creativity, imagination, and proper execution. At Steve Griggs Design, we light up your home in all the right ways.

Here’s where landscape lighting can bring a touch of elegance and security to your home and your landscape:

How It Works

Light Up Your Home And Your Landscape In 3 Easy Steps

When done right, landscape lighting is absolutely mesmerizing. And when it also makes your home safer, it becomes a necessity too. Here’s how we make it work for you:

Step 1. Get In Touch With Us

When you’re ready to light up your home and backyard with landscape lighting, get in touch with us. Tell us your needs and how you imagine your landscape looking at night. We’ll get back to you with a phone consultation to learn more about your ideas.

Step 2. Experience Steve’s Design Mastery

The most important phase of the entire project is the design. Every backyard is different, so every project is custom-made. After all, you want your home and landscape lights to be your own, not your neighbor’s. Steve will put his best ideas forward in a lighting design that ensures your vision is achieved.

Step 3. Enjoy A Safe And Magical Home

Enjoy the welcoming look of your home when you pull up your driveway. Next, dim out the lights and unwind next to a glass of wine, while admiring your favorite plants. With landscape lighting, your home is both spectacular and a safe place for you and your family.

Landscape Lighting Prices

It’s time for you to enjoy your home and your landscape no matter the time of day. We can help you choose the lights that will best enhance your home and create the relaxing ambiance you need and deserve.

Basic Landscape Lighting*


Basic accent lighting package, with some pathlights to increase the safety of your landscape.

Average Landscape Lighting*


Larger areas to light up. Taller trees for grander effect, walkway lights, focal point lights, custom design and layout.

Ultimate Landscape Lighting*


Typically for larger homes with multiple areas that need lighting. Includes patios, walkways, highlighting landscaping, custom design and layout.

*All prices are averages and may change depending on the type and number of lights you choose, and their placement. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique outdoor lighting project after the in-house consultation. All prices include your custom design and the complete installation.

Landscape Lighting Portfolio

Over 200 home landscapes redesigned and enhanced with landscape lighting. We can’t wait to help your landscape meet its potential.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Here’s what happy homeowners like you say about our services:

“He bears the responsibility of the job. It’s on his shoulders. Once we decided what we wanted to do, I didn’t have to think about it after that. I knew what the costs were going to be. He’s very knowledgeable. Unlike to many things in life, if there’s something that’s wrong, I don’t dread it. I just call Steve; he tells me what to expect. I tell my building manager, and things get done. There’s never a problem.”

Carolyn Albstein

“Used Land Design Studio for our landscape lighting and plating project. This included a fence around our property, landscape lighting and plantings. Steve Griggs was able to help us decide on all levels of this project what would look best for our home. He was always available for us, and work was done quickly. Project came out beautiful!!”

Lilly Pip

Transform And Liven Up Your Home With Landscape Lighting

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