7 Genius Landscaping Trends of 2016

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We all want to add value to our homes- whether it be to enjoy it ourselves or make a profit flipping homes. One of the best and quickest ways to do that is landscape design. The great thing about landscaping is the fact that you can actually do a lot of it yourself. Of course a professional can always do it much faster and possibly better, but if you’re up for the challenge- here are a few trends that have become more popular every year…

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Steve Griggs Design | Importance of Getting a Schedule from your Contractors

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Today’s tidbit is about the importance of getting a schedule from your contractors if you’re painting a room, renovating a bathroom, anything. You want the contractor in addition to getting the scope of work in writing, what they’re going to do, and most important; when everything is going to happen. You want a schedule, when are they going to start, what they’re going to do each day, and when are they going to finish.

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