The Story Of Steve Griggs Design

How we make beauty and function come to play in your backyard

Steve Griggs: STRAIGHT DIRT Interview on Good Morning Lala Land

Dedication You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Steve is not your typical landscape designer. He’s been getting dirt on his hands ever since he was 16, cutting grass to earn some bucks. Working hard got him through school, where he got advanced landscaping degrees from Mississippi State University and SUNY Cobleskill College of Environmental Design and Horticulture.

He founded Steve Griggs Design when he was 25. Having previously worked with his father in the industry, he got some powerful values instilled in him: make no excuses, keep your promises, respect the deadline, and make things happen for the client. But what he saw happening in the industry was a different story.

He decided to change the status quo for good. This customer-centric approach got him the reputation of the best landscape designer in New York.

When Creativity And A Hands-On Approach Get Together, Magic Happens

Many customers praise Steve’s creativity. He has a way of seeing past an empty yard. He listens to you, learns about your needs, and creates a vision that just works.

Drawing plans by hand keeps Steve connected to your land, but the magic starts when he’s actually on the ground. When inspiration strikes, as he looks around your property and gets to know you, it’s like he “spray paints” your new landscape design in his mind. He can draw your new backyard layout on the spot if needed for you.

Steve takes ownership of the design and makes sure it gets done. You’ll see him showing up to the job site in work boots, prepared and excited to get dirt on his hands. He’ll do what it takes to achieve the best outcome and keep the job on time and on budget.

Steve, wife Christine, and sons Kyle and Matt with bestselling author, international sales trainer, and real estate mogul Grant Cardone on Grant Cardone TV

Steve’s Promise To You

Steve brings charm and a genuine New Yorker spirit to every project. He knows that every successful project always started with caring about the customer and listening. Here’s how you’re getting the best landscape design:

Custom Design, Custom Experience

Steve makes your landscape speak to you and your personality. That’s why every project is 100% custom-made. To make sure your backyard gets only the best plants possible, he handpicks every bush and tree from the nursery.

No BS, Tell It Like It Is

Steve’s number one job is to be fair to you and give you a better end result. If something won’t look good in your backyard, he’ll tell you right away… and he’ll lead you to something even more extraordinary.

Do It Right, The First Time

You’re always going to get a flawless design because Steve is adamant about placing every plant in the right spot. He shows up and oversees every step of the process from design to completion, while keeping you front and center. No other landscape designer does that.

Be On Time, Be On Budget

Projects that meet the deadline and the budget are a rare bird. Steve’s detailed approach that starts with a custom design ensures the budget is clear, in control, and prevents job delays.

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But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Here’s what happy homeowners like you say about our services:

“People want to know when it’s going to be done and for how much. Price and schedule are what I know is the construction business. Steve Griggs is very very creative. He respects tight budgets, designs in the stated parameters, and comes up with creative options.”

Eric McGovern, skyscraper builder in NYC

“He came in with his drawing, and I was skeptical until he was actually driving states in the ground to see what was underneath. I got a little scared when he convinced my wife that it could be done. I couldn’t fathom how much it would cost and how many bulldozers you could fit in my backyard. My mouth was agape through the whole experience, but he got it done – and it didn’t cost me any more than what was quoted in the contract.”

Regis Boff, raconteur and retired rock-and-roll executive

“What Steve Griggs created for my backyard is an aesthetic pleasure that’s beyond words. It is far more than just a pool. He has the ability to see things before they’re there. He can see the property, envision how it’s going to be, and then translate that to the person and get them excited about it. I learned that it was worth it to let him to what he needs to do to make that happen.”

Cordy Ryman, artist

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