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November 2017

Drone footage of Pool Built Overlooking the New Tappan Zee Bridge

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How do you get a pool installed 500 feet above the Hudson River?

Very carefully!

Several factors had to be coordinated in creating this rectangle gunite pool with sandblasted marble patio and auto cover from Coverstar.

Working in New York City prepares you for very challenging projects.

It’s all about the view

Our goal for this project was to take full advantage of the magnificent view of the mighty Hudson River in New York’s Rockland County, a mere 25 miles north of Manhattan. Our client wanted clean-lined pool to go with their contemporary style house.

Some of the challenges that you need to take into account before tackling such a project is getting through the town approval lengthy approval process. This project took 6 months to get approved.

Planning, planning, planning.

We needed to get approvals from the client’s local planning board, zoning board, health department and more! Don’t think you’re going to decide on a pool and swim in a couple of months. The best time to get these approvals is during the winter time. There are fewer people trying to get their approvals done then.

Another huge challenge was getting all the equipment and concrete to this tricky site. That’s why you need to hire a pro. Don’t cut corners, it will cost you more in the long run.

I suggest hiring a quarterback. Meaning, have one person to lead the charge. Very similar to a general contractor to build a custom¬†home. A landscape architect who designs the project and sees it all the way through is your best bet. They will also be the best to protect the integrity of the design and it’s his vision that will come to life. Think of it as art.

A good leader will eliminate costly overruns, finger pointing and get the job done on time, within the budget and without excuses. Get a defined scope with job schedule with from pricing